Cost of Service:

The cost of the services depend of the size of your project, specifications involved and time consumed but you can get actual quote/proposal by providing us with the drawings/plans and bid documents.
Each project & scope is different and the best way establish our fee for new clients is by the following steps:

1. Email us your plans….depending on size this may require either sending through a file service such as Drop box or an FTP site.

2. Provide in your email a definitive scope of what type of assistance you need and when you need the information returned.

3. We will review the plans, requested scope & time requirements and email you as quickly as possible a
fee for service requested.

After receiving your Plans/Drawings we will email you a Quote (Proposal) of the full costs to perform your take-off/Estimation based on your specific needs for each project along with a contract allowing us to perform the work. You will need to give us a go ahead via phone recorded approval or authorization through e-mail. We must require upfront payment of 50% of the Quoted fee as per invoice before we begin work on your project. After completion of project we will deduct final payment and send you Final Reports via email.

Refund Policy

In the provided proposal/contract we clearly mentioned the terms and conditions for all aspects of our responsibilities. The clients must provide us with the complete information like (drawings, Specifications, addendum and required report which is the technical need and requirements to make a detailed and accurate bid.

Not a single online estimating company like us will give you the 100% accurate prices in the estimate. Because we are not familiar with the exact market conditions of the area where project is going to be executing but the prices we give you are very updated along with the zip code of the area if you need.

If we are not meeting the commitments according to the contact/Proposal we are liable for the complete refund as per the policy.

To expedite us beginning work on your project and the delivery of the Final Reports we accept MasterCard and Visa cards, Verified PayPal accounts, Authorize.Net or Star Merchant etc.

As we always believe in reliable business relationships therefore Payment Terms are available to established clients and are determined on a case per case basis.